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Sexual Health And Relationships Education

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Mission Statement: SHARE’s mission is to positively influence young people’s sexual behavior by educating them about the benefits of sexual risk avoidance (abstinence) and to encourage informed decision making through the use of factually documented information.


  • Inform and educate young people regarding the outcomes of their sexual choices
  • Teach a positive and healthy approach to sexual risk avoidance techniques
  • Encourage a lifestyle reflecting sexual risk avoidance techniques
  • Instill an awareness of the positive as well as the negative outcomes of sexual choices


  • Interactive program that allows young people to make decisions for their sexual health based on informed choices
  • Age appropriate, 3 day program taught in elementary and high school classes
  • Teaching and health professionals presenting information to students
  • Medically accurate statistics from Health Canada, Public Health Ontario, Medical Institute of Health, Centres for Disease Control (USA), National Institute of Health (USA)


  • Pre-test students for a qualitative measurement of knowledge
  • Post-test students for a quantitative measurement of knowledge and possible behavioral changes
  • Analyze data from both pre- and post-tests to determine effectiveness of training program

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